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Journey Of Devotion:

A catholic pilgrimage is a journey to a religious place for devotion. The
religious places are often sites of previous apparitions, such as Fatima and

These could also be churches, cathedrals and shrines, such as those found in
Italy, Portugal, France, and even in the United States. Other religious places
hold sacred relics, which could be the incorruptible bodies and possessions of

The earlier catholic pilgrimages were long and arduous sacrifices that were
often dangerous. They often began with a blessing from the local priest. The
journeys were made on foot or whatever means of transportation that existed
at that time.

Today, the sacrifices of the catholic pilgrims are often comforted by modern
amenities. Nevertheless, the commitment and purpose are the same.

The modern catholic pilgrim still seeks to venerate a particular saint, give
thanks, grow in their faith achieve spiritual and physical healing, and for